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After disappearing in 1978, Liz's case was solved in 2017, although no body has ever been recovered.

Elizabeth Forshee-Syperda

Disappearance & Murder

Evelyn was a five year old girl from Floyd, IA who unfortunately met the end of the life at the hand's of her mother's fiancé, Casey Frederiksen.

Evelyn C. Miller

Abduction & Murder - SA

Estimated to have six victims

Gayno Gilbert Smith

Serial Killer

Henry Dennis Milligan went missing from Albia, IA in 1978 and has never been seen since. His case was recently reopened by the Cold Case Division of DCI as a criminal investigation into his death.

Henry D. Milligan

Missing Person

Mollie Tibbetts was a young college student who went missing from her boyfriend's home after a run, later her body was found in a cornfield miles away from home. Her killer was recently found guilty in the crime of her murder.

Mollie Tibbetts

Abduction & Murder

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