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Close Up of Corn Field

Launch Date


Our first FIVE episodes will be launching that day!

They include:

1. Anna Anton


A disabled woman moves to small town Nebraska for a fresh start, but when her body is found in a cornfield months later the local Sheriff, and her neighbor, would be the prime suspect, and he'd be on the run from his own team for close to a decade.

2. Layne Schneider

A young man like so many others, loving dirt track racing and deer hunting, he could often be seen cruising in his pick up, but when he was found in a burning pick up in a ditch, no one knew how many questions would remain unanswered in this truly tragic case, with an investigation even messier than the crime scene.  

3. Rebecca Hauser

Wife, mother of 4 and Sunday school teacher, Rebecca, was traveling home from running errands, shopping for her twins' upcoming birthday, when a group of 4 runaway teens would take her life in a robbery gone horribly wrong. 

4. Mary Jayne Jones

Beautiful, young "Jaynie" moved to Ottumwa from West Virginia and fell in love with the small town, she began working at a local drive-in. Unfortunately, just months later she'd be found brutally beaten in a farmhouse outside of town. 

5. Dale Burr


Dale Burr was your average farmer, a family man who loved his land, until sadly that land was in jeopardy and he felt pushed to do the unthinkable, going on a mass murder spree that would shock the agriculture community as a whole and shed light on the pain of farmers. 

Stay tuned every other Thursday for a new episode! 

You won't want to miss the other stories we have to share with you! 


   The Show

  Cornfield Crimes is a true crime podcast reporting on cases in the rural Midwest. Every other week I'll take you through a new case. I try to choose cases that have not given the media attention they deserved, cases that perhaps could've been solved if only they happened in a zip code with more resources, or cases that happened in such rural areas that small town minds clouded the investigation. 

  All of the cases I present I work very hard on researching thoroughly through multiple resources and all sources can be found in that episode's show notes and/or blog post here on the website. I try my best to be sensitive to victims and their families. If I ever present misinformation or misconstrue a situation, please reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to do an update.

  This podcast is not produced by an industry or a corporation with a team of ghost writers, it is simply one tired momma of twins with a passion for true crime and too much time on her hands. You see, I used to be a legal assistant and I loved my job very much, working first hand on legal cases and doing all the paperwork I weirdly love so much. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was diagnosed with Epilepsy a couple years after giving birth to my twins. After a few more years of my condition growing worse, I am now disabled. I wanted to use the new free time I found myself with productively and still doing something I'm passionate about, so here we are! 

  Please be patient and kind as I go on this journey with you listeners. As I said, I do have a neurological condition and that can affect my speech at times during flare ups so please be patient through any stammers or stutters :)

  I'm so excited to be a voice for these stories that deserve to be told!

Thank you for your support!  

Dry Field
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